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Slitter Rewinder for Thermal Transfer Ribbon

TTR Slitter


TTR Slitting Machine

1. It can slit films in thickness from 4-20 um.
2. With free air shaft in 1" : when different size or materials of ribbon slitting task enquired, it can help to improve the working efficiency( 0.5" air shaft is specially required).
3. Guiding roller: Ceramic like surface to avoid damage from blade. Main roller and the pressing roller are made by wearable rubber to make sure the normal working dynamic.
4. Touch screen is in EVIEW, control system is in SIEMENS PLC: The system is reliable and adjustable .Ribbon tension is calculated according to different ribbon length and slitting speed. This will help to make sure that the ribbon tension is well controlled.
5. The ribbon length can be set and accurated to 0.5% allowance. More over, it can set in two different lengths at the same time to fit to barcode ribbon slitting need.
6. Driver system is by SANYO server motor which can make sure the speed and tension are controlled accurately.
7. For the edge ribbon rolling system, it is controlled by independent torque motor which will help to control their tension.
8. Jumbo roll installation is simple without inside axle. Single worker can handle easily.
9. Power is in single phase 220VAV 50Hz.

Jumbo roll width: 1020mm in max.

Jumbo roll dia.:600mm in max.

Jumbo roll core: 6" or 152mm

Jumbo roll installation: without axle inside

Jumbo roll adjustment distance:
(left to right side):0-100mm

Finish ribbon core: 1"&0.5" core


● Paper core notch cutter

Air pressure in 0.6~0.8MPa
Cylinder in AIRTAC
Suit for any angle notch demand.
(For 180°angle in both end notch demand only need 1 cutting)
With single and double notch controller
With free cutter mould: 5 pcs each for 1inch and half inch
Marks on the cutter mould which helps to control the angles

 Ribbon reroller

Power by: Single phase ,220 VAC 50Hz
For ribbon roll width within 250mm
For ribbon roll OD within 100mm
Rerolling speed in 50m/min
With meter counter: when it runs to set length, it will stop automatically
With tension control equipment to control the tension
Fit to 1 inch and half inch paper core ribbon
With Free easy wear out parts: core nut in 4pc