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Overprint Ribbon(Thermal transfer)

Over Print Ribbon



OVER Print Ribbon E-Series Features:

high contrast
excellent adhesion on a wide range of flexible packaging
help maintain printer reliability
come in a wide range of ribbon types 

The E series of thermal transfer ribbons has been specifically developed to run on thermal transfer overprinters (TTO). There are different grades and widths of ribbon available meaning that most application requirements can be met. The E8 ribbons are suitable for most standard applications, and can print at high line speeds with excellent rub resistance. They offer superb adhesion to paper and synthetic materials that are commonly used in thermal transfer overprinter applications.

The E8 ribbons are designed to be used in applications where the print may be subjected to high temperatures. These also offer excellent rub and scratch resistance on flexible packaging substrates. 

E Series ribbons are also specifically formulated so that the back coat lubricates the print-head. This ensures the reliability of the printer is maintained and also reduces static which can potentially attract dust  and damage the print-head.
D01 Thermal Transfer Over Printer
D01I D01C 
Print Head 32mm,300dpi(12dots/mm)
Print Area 32mm X40mm(WXL) 32mm X60mm(WXL)
Ribbon Length (max.) 600m
Ribbon Widths 25mm ~ 33mm
Print Speed ≤200ppm ≤300ppm
Printing Capabilities Real time, date, increase progressively numbers and letters, text bar code, 2-dimensional bar code, picture
Interface SD card
Power Supply AC110 ~ 220V±10V,50/60 Hz
100W 150W  
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 40℃  
Environmental Operating Temperature 10% ~ 95% (no condensing)  
Air Supply 6 Bar/ 90 psi (max.) dry uncontaminated  
Weight Print Head 5.5kg  
Control Box 2.0kg Print Head 8.7kg  
Control Box 2.0kg  
Dimension of Print Head 188mm×190mm×180mm (L×W×H)  
Dimension of Control Box 175mm×210mm×110mm (L×W×H)