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Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Thermal transfer ribbon compatible with your thermal transfer printer. All popular sizes of thermal transfer ribbon are ready for immediate delivery, with thousands of others available by special order. There are three basic qualities of thermal transfer ribbon available today. These are Wax Ribbon, Wax/Resin Ribbon and Resin Ribbon. We can supply thermal transfer ribbons in any of these formulations to fit most barcode label printers. High quality label printing effect guaranteed.
Wax Ribbon
A thermal transfer ribbon which uses wax based ink, suitable for paper standard labeling applications which are not subject to harsh conditions
Wax/Resin Ribbon
A thermal transfer ribbon which uses a combination of wax and resin based inks, suitable for paper and synthetic labeling applications which will be subject to some harsh conditions.
Resin Ribbon
A thermal transfer ribbon which uses resin based inks to give a high degree of resistance to harsh conditions such as, solvents, outdoor environments. This type of ribbon can also be resistant to washing and dry cleaning.

Color Barcode Ribbon
In addition to black, thermal transfer ribbon are also available in numerous colours.The use of colour is increasing considerably. Comparing to Dynic,Armor,our ribbon are always your low cost choice

Fax Ribbon
Fax ribbon compatible with the fax machines. We start to produce fax ribbon since we stepped into TTR industry and have gained a lot experience on this product.
Date code ribbon
For coding on flexible packaging materials,There are two kinds of date code ribbons,one is online overprin ribbon(TTO),one is hot stamping ribbon.

Special Ribbon
we continue to develop new products to meet vers applications of our clients.Check what we produce!

Jumbo Roll
We have a coating base in Shanghai which mainly coating common wax ribbon jumbo roll and a coating line in Xiamen which mainly coating premium wax ribbon jumbo roll and wax resin ribbon jumbo roll.


Barcode Labels

There are many different types of ribbons and barcode labels: Wax ribbon,wax-resin and resin ribbon,paper label,film label and care label, each designed for different applications. You can get a permanent label designed to weather the elements for years, or a shipping label meant to last ten days. Whatever your requirements may be,Sense print carries a full line of labels and ribbons to satisfy your needs.

Paper Labels
Paper lables are lightweight, flexible and an economical solution for your indoor product applications. Popular uses include both industrial and consumer labeling, such as instructional, communication, warning and safety messages.
Plastic Labels
Plastics are strong, durable barcode labels and possess excellent resistance characteristics that can meet a wide range of application requirements.There are many materials,such as PET,PVC,PP。。。

Care Labels
There are many types of care labels.Some of them could be used as barcode labels and specially used for thermal transfer printing.

Direct Thermal Labels
Direct thermal labels is one kind of barcode labels which no ribbon is required during pring.There is a special heat activated layer where imaged is formed when the label is heated.




wax ribbon



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